adult Bible fellowships

ABFs are groups of people of varying size that meet on a regular basis to discuss various Bible topics. These groups can meet here at AFMC or a host’s home or at another location such as a library, a coffee shop, etc. Unlike growth groups these groups are ongoing and can include as many people as the host would like. For more information on any of the ABFs, contact the AFMC office by phone or email.

This class off for the summer

This adult group meets at 9:00am each Sunday downstairs in the fellowship hall. Led by Sharon and Brian Stewart , we discuss the sermon from the previous week's service. This gives us the opportunity to interact further with the ideas and scriptures that were presented. Discussions, questions and thoughts are our format. And there's always room for more people.

9:00am Sundays

This Adult Bible Fellowship class, led by Ed Cooper, is a journey through the Bible one book at a time in an effort to rightly divide the Word as Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 2:15. 

Tuesday Morning Women's Group

This Adult Bible Fellowship group meets Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am. Various topics are studied through out the year.