adult Bible fellowships

ABFs are groups of people of varying size that meet on a regular basis to discuss various Bible topics. These groups can meet here at AFMC or a host’s home or at another location such as a library, a coffee shop, etc. Unlike growth groups these groups are ongoing and can include as many people as the host would like. For more information on any of the ABFs, contact the AFMC office by phone or email.

9:00 am Sundays

(In the Fellowship hall)

The 9:00am Adult Bible Fellowship group is led by Sharon Stewart. The Bible study takes a deeper look into the sermon from the previous Sunday. All our welcome.

9:00 am Sundays

(in the Rabbit Hole)

Transformed- Video Series

The Miracle of Life Change

Is a “changed life” really possible? If we’re honest, most of us would say no. Maybe you’ve tried numerous programs that promise big changes, but in reality, they deliver very little results. You long for transformation, but don’t know where to begin. There’s good news for you! Life change is possible! God created you to grow, to change, to experience intimacy and adventure. In this series, from Ephesians 4, you will learn how true life change can happen to you. You’ll be able to identify the barriers that have held you back from receiving God’s best and you’ll also learn how to break out of a destructive lifestyle so you can become the person you’ve always longed to be. This fresh approach to spiritual transformation is designed to move you from the frustration of failure to the freedom you have in Christ.

10:30 am Sundays

This Adult Bible Fellowship class, led by Ed Cooper, is a journey through the Bible one book at a time in an effort to rightly divide the Word as Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 2:15.