Summer Schedule


Our nursery provides a warm loving atmosphere for your child as you attend the service or one of our Adult Bible Fellowships. Children in the nursery engage in free play. Our nursery volunteers jump right in and play right alongside the children, read them stories and show the children the love of Jesus. A snack is provided. Nursery care is provided during both the 9:00 and 10:30 services

rabbit hole

The Rabbit Hole is the place where our pre-K – 1st grade children come to learn about Jesus through Bible stories, music, crafts and play. A snack is provided. The Rabbit Hole class is offered during our 10:30 Service. 

Tree house

Our Treehouse is where our 2nd grade - 5th grade gather to build on the basics they learned in the Rabbit Hole. Here the kids begin to learn memory verses and learn the books of the Bible. Each week they learn about God’s love for them through worship, a Bible Story, a game, craft or other activity. They learn that the Bible isn’t just a bunch of stories but that each story is part of God’s big plan. We use the Gospel Project curriculum. A snack is provided. The Treehouse class is offered during our 10:30 service